holiday cactus and stuff

you just never know when my “holiday” cactus will begin blooming. most people have a Christmas cactus. my plant has turned itself, during its 12, give or take a year, life, into a Holiday cactus. some years it’s in bloom at Halloween and the Fourth of July, while other years it hits Christmas and Easter. this year it’s blooming for Thanksgiving. i guess that means it might be blooming again for Memorial Day or maybe Flag Day. time will tell.

 the strange shaped flowers, colored in orangey-pinkey-salmon are a welcome surprise. just in time for the holiday that has fallen apart bit by bit. i’m hanging onto the fact that my good friend has invited us to their home and my wonderful neighbor is having us for dinner on friday. we’re blessed to have such good friends. my contribution will be a delish (racheal ray, ya gotta love) roasted root vegetable casserole-type dish, with a dessert yet to be decided upon. chocolate raspberry cake or peanut butter bundt cake. either one will be an experiment with a low glycemic recipe. i may not get invited back. i’m also making a gluten-free cake for my daughter. talk about an experiment. baking and cooking for a gluten sensitive, lactose intolerant, vegan is a challenge. i’m doing pretty good in the cooking department and we’ve not wasted away or dumped any concoctions into the Hefty Bag in a long time. i call it “clean cooking.” if you stick with fresh veggies and fruits, and triple check everything else you buy to make sure it’s gluten-free, you’ve got it made. some labels carry allergy information and some don’t. i’ve checked websites and called 1-800 numbers to make sure of the ingredients in rice, yes – rice could contain that pesky gluten if it’s processed in a factory that processes wheat, along with checking on a modified food starch in Comstock More Fruit pie filling and topping. phew… they didn’t have any info on their website, but their toll-free number had a prompt for gluten information. it’s free of gluten, so i’m making the recipe on the label as a nice treat for my daughter for thanksgiving.

as for being thankful this year… i’m thankful. i’m not sure how thankful i am, though. i’m thankful for everything that everyone else says they’re thankful for. family, a house with a roof, money to put food on the table, blah…blah…blah…everyone is always thankful for the same stuff. the basics. let’s take it a step further. i’m thankful i can keep secrets. i’m thankful i can zone out. i’m thankful i can get as little sleep as three hours and function pretty normally on that for a few days, and i’m thankful i can also sleep for ten hours and function, only not as good as with seven hours. i’m thankful my sister has a big mouth so my aunt puts us on the prayer list at church. i’m thankful for obscurity and funny noises coming from my computer that make me realize i’m not alone in this world. i’m thankful for not having company this thanksgiving and for being company this thanksgiving. i’m thankful i can drink Gentleman Jack like a guy and function better than most. i’m thankful i’ve got a bottle in my pantry.

yes, those are odd thanks and not like my usual list of thankful stuff, and that’s okay this year. i’m thankful for understanding and that things go better with Coke.

have a thankful holiday and don’t forget the little stuff. be grateful and thankful for that, too. it’s what it’s all about. that – and the hokey-pokey.

turkey day lurking…

it’s less than a week before thanksgiving and plans have changed. Bossman’s Dad and Step-Mom were supposed to come out from New York on their way to wintering in Florida, but because of health reasons, that has been squashed. a heart attack last month followed by a stroke a week later has slowed grampy down. medication issues have thinned his blood too much and then thickened it too much (much like my holiday gravy), so adhering to doctor’s orders,  they’ve been grounded  in new york with visions of tennessee and florida dancing in their heads and hearts. this grounding has also kept Bossman’s brother and family from visiting from texas along with our son who was going to visit from oregon who was looking forward to being able to see everyone in one big serving.

so, a new plan has entered our holiday. my writer-friend colleen invited our family and another writer-friend, currie, to dinner. my neighbor has invited us, too. all this happened as i was pondering “what to do?” so, it was done for me.



okay,  so last night Bossman and i watched the hockey game on tv. Preds against Columbus. the game was fast and furious and our goaltending was stellar. after the game was over i came down to check my email and my blog. (i’m still figuring out how to add my comments to your comments which makes my brain hurt.) Bossman went to bed as i sat here working, my head finally nodding me towards the warm bed. i don’t usually dream and i think that’s because i go into a semi-coma when i sleep, but last night was an exception. birds. i dreamt of little birds, in shades of green, purple, brown, red, and yellow. they were sitting on a brown, bare, thin tree branch next to each other. sweet little birds. the thing is…they had on white hockey sweaters/jerseys. each one had their own number in black. no sticks or helmets, just the sweater. what to you think that means? holy cow. i had to get up after that and have a cup of hot chocolate. why in the world am i dreaming of little colorful birds in hockey gear? they didn’t have mullets, thank goodness. that really would really have been weird. oh, and the Preds won the game. i wonder what i would have dreamed about if they’d lost? i shiver to think of it.

smile at a stranger today and have a good one.

what’s happened to me?

Bossman and i just got back from the Predators hockey game. i’ve become a hockey fanatic since moving to Nashville in 2002. i read the sports page first instead of the Life section. I get newsletters from the Predators team, NHL and HockeyBuzz. My sweater is signed by four players. i got to go on the ice during the Season Ticket Holders Open House (yes, we’re season ticket holders)  and shoot a puck with a hockey stick into the net. it was fun. tonight’s game was very exciting and i’m hoarse from yelling. one of our guys got called for tripping when he got tangled up with a Columbus player and they both went down on the ice. they had a few goons out there who were hitting and drawing penalties left and right. my husband, Bossman, told me after the game that i yelled, “why don’t you knock him out while you’ve got him down.” i don’t remember doing that. i think that’s a bad thing. i’m a little worried that i’m turning into a beer-drinking-guy-hockey-fan; and i don’t even drink beer. i enjoy a good and fair fight when it’s retaliation for an unfair and illegal hit. that doesn’t make me a bad person, does it? we listen to the pre-shows and post-shows on the radio going to and coming from the games. i’ll grab tomorrow’s sports section and check the attendance, penalties, shots-on-goals and box scores for the NHL. what in the world has happened to me? i’m finally a sports fan at 55. better late than never, i guess. it’s fun, the team is just special for some reason, as is the coaching staff and management. we’re in limbo with ownership and hopefully will keep our hockey team in town. what in the world will happen to me if they leave? i can’t bear to think about it.