what’s happened to me?

Bossman and i just got back from the Predators hockey game. i’ve become a hockey fanatic since moving to Nashville in 2002. i read the sports page first instead of the Life section. I get newsletters from the Predators team, NHL and HockeyBuzz. My sweater is signed by four players. i got to go on the ice during the Season Ticket Holders Open House (yes, we’re season ticket holders)  and shoot a puck with a hockey stick into the net. it was fun. tonight’s game was very exciting and i’m hoarse from yelling. one of our guys got called for tripping when he got tangled up with a Columbus player and they both went down on the ice. they had a few goons out there who were hitting and drawing penalties left and right. my husband, Bossman, told me after the game that i yelled, “why don’t you knock him out while you’ve got him down.” i don’t remember doing that. i think that’s a bad thing. i’m a little worried that i’m turning into a beer-drinking-guy-hockey-fan; and i don’t even drink beer. i enjoy a good and fair fight when it’s retaliation for an unfair and illegal hit. that doesn’t make me a bad person, does it? we listen to the pre-shows and post-shows on the radio going to and coming from the games. i’ll grab tomorrow’s sports section and check the attendance, penalties, shots-on-goals and box scores for the NHL. what in the world has happened to me? i’m finally a sports fan at 55. better late than never, i guess. it’s fun, the team is just special for some reason, as is the coaching staff and management. we’re in limbo with ownership and hopefully will keep our hockey team in town. what in the world will happen to me if they leave? i can’t bear to think about it.

5 thoughts on “what’s happened to me?

  1. If you think that’s over the top, don’t ever go see a hockey game with a Canadian.
    I did once. and it was just an exhibition game.
    He kept hollering, during a fight, “Hit him in the face! hit him in the face!”
    Afterward, he denied it, too.

  2. i have a good friend who is from toronto. we went to an opening night a few years back and she was polite and analytical of all the plays. hockey is a religion in canada. i think more guys than chicks think it’s a colesium, though. must be i have a little testosterone left in me. 8) thanks for the post.

  3. You go girl. I am a beer drinkin’ girl football fan and I do drink beer. There is something to be said for all that running (skating) around, running (skating) into each other fun stuff they do to put points on the board. Speaking of sports, hubby and I are still up for nine holes with you and Bossman.

  4. Yes, I agree it’s a religion — made a bit more schizo by the fact that lacrosse is actually their offical national sport. (There must be a story behind that.)

    Most Canadians I know are actually pretty polite and analytical. Many often remain so at hockey games. And then, when the gloves come off — it’s like you get this little peek at what’s going on under the surface.

  5. lacrosse is the national sport of hockey? how’d that happen? don’t you think the excitement and glint-in-the-eye of a fight is a natural reaction for some people?

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