seasonal shuffle

we moved to the nashville area in february of 2002. the day of the move we had pizza on the deck with the movers. it was 70 degrees. we thought this was very weird, but very good. then reality hit and the temps dropped a bit and “winter” weather began in a day or so.  i think it was in the 40’s. nothing like southwest Michigan or upstate New York or even southern Indiana where we’d come from this last shuffle of corporate America.

the last few days here have hit 70 with tornado watches, thunderstorms and high winds. i talked to a friend near Rome, New York where the temperature reached 70, also. instead of building snowmen outside, her kids were running around with spring jackets tied around their necks like superman capes. their january thaw isn’t usually in the 70 degree range; it’s more like 34 degrees.

can y’all say Global Warming?

can we get our seasons back in the right order? can we fix it? Al Gore was laughed at years ago with his proclamation of inventing the Internet, but he was spot-on about the global warming warning. we laughed then, too. who’s laughing now and what in the world are we thinking? we’re supposed to be the smart ones, the intelligent species, the Americans.

but, maybe we’re the aliens in this universe. the alien ones who don’t take care of their planet. we’re the aliens from the other side of the stratasphere who are just now trying to catch up and make nice with our Mother Earth. i’ll venture to guess that all the UFO sightings have been the Universal Police who come and check on us every once in a while. no wonder the government doesn’t want to give out any UFO information. they’re embarrassed because the USA is one of the biggest polluters of our planet. 

i’m convinced that we can undo and are undoing lots of wrongs. heck, if the Clorox people are willing to go green, everyone can go green. baby steps. let the Universal Police come and check on us. i hope they come check the USA in the winter when it’s freezing up north, mild in the midsection and warm in the south.