did ya ever…

…see eight year old girls play basketball for the first time? oh, my goodness, it’s just too much fun and should be against the law. our honorary granddaughter, kate, started playing basketball in a church league  and her first game was this morning. the uniforms are reversable with shiney bling-colored gold on one side and navy blue on the reverse. one team has the gold and the other…well, you know what i’m talkin’ about. then, the girls, who are seven and eight get into a mob and bounce the ball down to one end of the court where the bouncer immediately gives it to another teammate who then will lob it with two hands up to the lowered net. she’ll most likely miss the net and then the other team grabs it and the mob runs down to the other end of the court with the bouncer stopping a few times to rest on the way. she might underhand it up towards the net, where multiple little arms and hands will grasp around for the ball, hold it tight and throw it up to the net. too bad it was the wrong team’s net, but, what the hell? who cares? a try is a try and that’s always good, right? what does that picture of the basketball court say that managers hang in their cushy offices? You Miss All The Shots You Don’t Take  is that it? well, those girls took lots of shots at any net they saw, and they bounced that ball full court and it didn’t matter how many times they stopped or how many hands they used, or what their sweet little faces looked like as they contorted and concentrated on their final mission. it was better than tv, which isn’t hard to do these days.

 the next game is a week from today. we’re bringing the camcorder.

enjoy life.