most of my day today was spent doing critiques for my writer’s group, CAPS. we’ve been together for, gosh, i think it’s over five years, now. we’d lost and added members and are at a comfortable six, with two guys added to balance out all the estrogen in the group.

tonight is meeting night. we meet the first and third tuesday of the month. our schedule on who submits is very, very, very flexible. whoever is ready and gets their piece posted first, second or third gets critiqued. most of the time we’re working with one or two pieces. today we had four! which is very exciting because that means everyone is kicking into high gear to get their writing off to a great and super start at the beginning of the year.

i’ve been using this blog to write and get myself jump-started. i got myself into a writer’s funk this past fall and needed something fresh to get me going again. this has worked as i’ve been trying to post as often as possible to get my creative juices flowing once again.

my writer friends are bloggers, creative nonfiction writers, short story writers, novelists, poets and songwriters. talk about an eclectic mix!

they’re good, too. todays work was fascinating and enjoyable to read. i’m so lucky to be involved in this wonderful group of creative people – friends.

i hope everyone who is writing is as lucky as i am and is involved in a writer’s group.

write on…and on…and on…