hockey talk

well, bossman and i went to the hockey game last night up in nashville and watched the Predators get a shut out against the Calgary Flames. final score was 3-zip. the flames are huge guys. they’re not as big as a couple of other teams, but in comparison to our guys, they’re like buildings on skates. we were like gnats flying around them. their goalie Kiprusoff blocked 23 of 26 shots when McElhinney was put in the the third period and stopped all 12 thrown at him. nashville’s peverley, up from Milwaukee, had two shots that hit the pipes. the game could have easily been  5-0 if those posts were a little thinner.

again, the crowd was sparse, coming in at 11,764. this seems to be a theme for the teams on the lower end of the point standings. phoenix and the new york islanders also had lots of empty seats, who aren’t alone as the elite detroit red wings are struggling to fill their seats at the joe in detroit this year with michigan’s declining economy.

although we didn’t have a lot of butts in the seats, the ones that were there, were there for the hockey. the love and admiration for the game and its players. it grows on you. the crowd once again showed intelligence of the game and enthusiasm which was acknowledged by the team at the end of the game when they reentered the ice and raised their sticks to the seventh man.

that small action connects the fans and team like nothing else. i for one, appreciate it immensely.

if the preds can keep showing improvement and the new owners can come up with some creative incentives to get people to the games, we’ll get to enjoy this team for a long time to come. we still need an average of 13,000+ to keep the team in nashville. i’ve heard lots of people say they love the team but they don’t go to the games because of the cost or they go if they get free tickets. somehow we’ve got to change their minds and get the seats filled.

i think the only way to do that is to keep on winning.

tomorrow night is against the Stanley Cup Champions, the anaheim ducks. they’re bigger than the flames. quack.


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