happy birthday

my daughter had a birthday yesterday. now that she’s ‘older’, she never wants anything special done for her on her birthday. ‘it’s just another day’ is her mantra, knowing full well that she’s lying through her perfectly straight white teeth.

when she was little, her birthday was bigger than christmas. how she loved her birthday. she’d hand out wish-lists months in advance and mark the calendar days down starting in july.

it was so close to valentines day, most of the time her birthday parties had a heart theme. then there were the barbie birthdays, the bowling themed birthday, and who knows what else tickled her fancy so long ago.

i remember gifts she received from us that have never been forgotten by her. one year i loaded her up with Slim Jim beef  jerky and Play-Doh. she was in college then. don’t ask me why i gave my kids Play-Doh for all their birthdays. darn it all – i forgot to do that this year.

she complained as an older child that she never received any of those pretty little ceramic/porcelain girlie figurines with the appropriate age stuck to their long flowing dresses. so, guess what she got this year? two of those dolls – along with some other gifts, like concert tickets, new age music and a trip to the hockey game with Happy Birthday to her personally on the JumboTron. a nice thrill for all three of us.

oh, the dolls. which two did i buy? i bought a three year old and a two year old. she told me i was crazy. then she set them up on the dining table and gazed at them.

happy birthday, baby girl. i love you.

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