happy wedding!

just want to give a shout out to my friends, donnie and lynn. they’re tying the knot, jumping the broom and getting hitched on St. Patrick’s Day down in New Orleans. it’s a very special day for two special people.

i’d like to dedicate the following song to them.  (thank god i can’t sing it to them)

here’s to you, Donnie and Lynn ~

 Irish Wedding Song (the)
Author: Ian Betteridge
Copyright: September Music

Here they stand, hand in hand
they’ve exchanged wedding bands
today is the day of their dreams and their plans
and all we who love them just wanted to say
May God bless this couple who married today

In good times and bad times
in sickness and health
may they know that riches are no need for wealth
Help them face problems they’ll meet on their way
Oh God bless this couple who married today

May they find peace of mind comes to all who are kind
May the rough times ahead become triumphs in time
and may their children be happy each day
Oh God bless this family who started today

As they go may they know every love that was shown
and as life it gets shorter may their feeling grow
wherever they travel, wherever they stay
May God bless this couple who married today

the circle is complete

if any of you have been following my blog concerning the high school friends i’ve been reconnected with, you’ll be interested to know that i heard from Patty. yes, the elusive, quiet one speaks. well, through email, anyway. she was thrilled to read my blogs and emails. but like many of you who are on the computer all day at work, she hesitates to get on the thing in her evenings. the great thing is we’ve connected and will continue to do so in the future. hoping to get together with these ladies and maybe even track down a couple more of our little group. we weren’t the cool kids or the smart kids, or the athletic kids, or the popular girls. we were the goofballs. we were all cute, some were smart, some tried out for cheerleaders and made it – some didn’t, some had boyfriends,  some were musical and in plays and all of us were goofy and loved to laugh and make people laugh. now, we’re in our mid-fifties and have been out of high school for almost 38 years. today some of us have had multiple marriages, some have had children, some have grandchildren, some have been ill, some have lost husbands, some have been lost themselves, some are retired and some are thinking about it. the common thread between us is that all of us have memories of being young once and the fun and heartaches we shared at those tender teenaged years.  i’m loving having all of these ‘girls’ in my life again. welcome patty. i missed you.

i’m baaack.

in case anyone missed me for the three weeks i was AWOL, i’m back. it’s hard to believe that my last blog was on dear daughter’s birthday and even harder to believe that Bossman celebrated a birthday on the 4th of march. i haven’t even changed my wall calendar yet, so i’m still looking at everything that was going on in february – hockey, writing groups, visitors and vacation plans. well, the company was great, the birthday for daughter was great, hockey was great most of the time and vacation, which started on the 24th of february was super. hoping to get my next blog done with some vacation highlights and maybe a picture or two if the Electronic God is on my side.  so, it’s good to be back. bossman is getting ready to head to the Tunica casinos with his brother who’ll be in visiting from Houston. he packed his suitcase with a little too much enthusiasm, me thinks. with all his coupons (along with mine), he’s got a free room for two nights, 10 buffets and a hundred bucks in free gambling money. i believe brother will be me for the next few days. a boy named sue. ha. i would have blogged from my vacations spots, but wireless internet wasn’t available and the resort computer doesn’t allow blogging. i’m sure you can get porn, but no blogging. heavens to betsy! it was frustrating for me not being able to blog while i was away. i kept a journal on my laptop, but got out of control and everything turned into a short novel. editing is indeed in my future. more later, friends. thanks for checking in on me.