where am i?

on april 17th i flew from nashville, tennessee to albany, new york where my sister picked me up. two days later we started a road trip back to nashville.

we’ve never done a road trip alone before. i was excited and sissy was dreading it. one year i flew back to new york and sissy and i took mom to cape cod for a mother’s day weekend. i thought they were both going to kill me. i like to chat, play games, ask questions…they like to look out windows and drive. i was the poster child of a typical back seat driver and was never invited back for another weekend – even though i promised to be good.

this last trip was better. sorta. i’m an outta-bed-and-hit-the-floor-with-a-sing-song-”good morning.” sissy isn’t. i swear she growled at me. i learned to give her space.

there were no arguments over maps because we had Gladys with us; sissy’s new GPS device, which i was familiar with because bossman and i have one for our trips. setting it up was easy and i did double duty with keeping an eye on Gladys and AAA’s triptik which we quickly put aside after deciding that going through Newark, New Jersey wasn’t going to happen and Gladys concurred routing us right into Pennsylvania.

sissy drove the first leg in hours of hard rains. i was trying to find the sixth Predator playoff hockey game on the radio. no luck. when the rains cleared it was my turn to drive. as soon as i took over, the rains started again and my cell phone started dinging with text messages from nashville. sissy read the notes from Bossman and Daughter to me. “At the arena. crazy.” “like a country fair.” sissy didn’t enjoy fielding all the messages and threatened not to answer the phone’s ding any longer.

then it started ringing. daughter was holding it up so i could hear Vince Gill sing the anthem. “Put it on speaker for me.” i yelled to sissy as i drove through buckets of rain and traffic. “No! i don’t know how.” i tried to get her to push the little button on the bottom left and she threatened to just turn it off. i finally grabbed it and did it myself as we argued with each other. meanwhile at the Sommet Center, daughter is holding the phone up into the air and listening to us squabble loudly. she finally turned it off hoping noone around her heard us.

we pulled off the road around 4:30, got a hotel room and i caught the last period of the game in the room while sissy growled at me from the chair in the corner.

we weren’t even halfway yet. only 600 more miles to go.

we lost, but i was more concerned about sissy killing me. i didn’t talk about hockey again. i don’t think…

after arriving in nashville we enjoyed our time together and daughter enjoyed spending time with her auntie. we had to watch a red wing game, as daughter is a wing fan. sissy still hates hockey. even more.

while back in nashville we found out that bossman’s dad was going to need heart surgery in albany, so we cut the visit short and added a passenger, bossman, to the car.

this was not good in oh, so many ways. bossman and sissy both like to drive. a lot. bossman gets carsick in the back seat doing nothing and the front seat if he tries to look at anything other than the road in front of him. i was happy in the back seat reading and reading and reading… i’d try to start a conversation with the two in the front, but it wasn’t an easy thing to do. they’d chat amoungst themselves, but never about anything i wanted to talk about. like cows. i love the cows we pass on the road. running cows…baby cows…walking cows…cows in ponds…cows under trees…i just love the cows. i guess they thought cows were boring. i can’t imagine!

so, bossman’s dad had his surgery this past friday. he had a new pacemaker put in and things have been touchy, but it looks like he might be able to go home today or tomorrow. the chance of clots is the biggest worry right now and we’re waiting to hear about an ultrasound that needs to be done on his leg. hopefully, he’ll get the all clear so he can go home and recuperate.

bossman and i are supposed to fly out to tennessee tomorrow evening.

i don’t suppose i’ll see any cows from the air, bossman will sleep the whole way so there won’t be any chatting…but i’ll have my iPod with me and my books. hopefully i’ll be good and won’t sing out loud.