how do you wrap a domain name?

for my birthday in may, my son game me a very unique gift. he usually comes up with ideas that always surprise me. mixed cds with very cool tunes on them, some of which i have no idea who composed it or what instruments they’re using. bob marley is usually a big presence on them. techo music sneaks in and classic rock from the 60’s.  i’ve received Buddas, plants (ones you don’t smoke), silkscreened t-shirts, beeswax candles, bamboo cutting boards and his own paintings. this year he couldn’t wrap the gift he game me. “Hey Mom. Happy Birthday! I got you your own domain name.” i was confused as i thought i already had a name. i also had this blog thing that was working for me. “great!” i replied and added, “What does that mean?” it means that is my new and very own website. dear son designed the site for me and i’m trying to get the hang of using it instead of this one. so please go visit me at i hope you won’t be disappointed. it’s pretty neat. we’re still fine tuning it to my liking. “Mom, stop putting widgets on your site.” now, i’ve got somebody to do that for me. i guess.

thanks for visiting here and now please go visit me there.



i’ve been rearranging my office/library/sanctuary/cave/hideout for the last three days. i’ve spent most of my time reading emails, looking over books in Rubbermaid bins, reading assorted newly found papers that i resort and hide away in folders or drawers or reuse for the printer or discard in the wastebasket. (what a clever name that little feller has) only now, i’ll go through the wastebasket and sort the papers into the recycle bin in the garage where it’s a hundred-thousand degrees. at least.

at the beginning of this project, my purpose was to get a new perspective on my little world so my writing would ‘take-off’ like a rocket ship. so i heaved and lugged my desk around and jostled it from the top of the area rug it’d been holding down for two years. i decided to get rid of the rug after i noticed that bill-the-granddog had once again mistaken furniture legs for trees. he peed on each leg of my desk which dribbled down into the rug. i was ready to get rid of that rug, anyway, so bill gave me a good excuse to heave it. i got the desk moved enough to get the tower of the computer out from under it. when i removed the tower, i discovered that bill had also peed on the front of that. goldish-brown, dry pee marked its way through the blue HP insignia, over the glowing blue push button and stopped just short of the rug. bill is lucky he didn’t get his little weiner shocked. i’m not crazy over this computer but even i don’t think it deserved that treatment.

the computer and desk have been de-peed and cleaned, set up differently so i can see out the windows and out the glass oh-so-french doors. the absence of the rug is being appreciated by my dale earnhart-like rolling chair even though i’ve had a few near collisions with my bookcase-which are all i have to finish now. there will be sorting, cleaning, reading… the knickknacks that are scattered around might go into a storage box-and then again… maybe not. bossman is going to build me a shelf over the oh-so-french doors so i can load it up with extra books.

i might have it all finished by christmas.

where do i start?

it’s been a long time between posts. we’ve been very busy with traveling back and forth to new york a few times from tennessee because of illness in the family.  bossman’s dad is very ill, has had a new pace maker put in his chest and has had a very rough time of it. he celebrated his 80th birthday in june where the whole family joined him. we came from oregon, texas, arizona, west virginia and tennessee. considering grampy has two sons and four grandkids, we cover a lot of territory for just eight of us.

the queen of english, my daughter, is doing very well attending special workout sessions with a great man who has a heart as big as the milky way galaxy.  it is for MS patients and helps them train to get better balance and strength. the queen no longer does daily impressions of michael jacksons thriller video at a moment’s notice. she’s amazing. if we could only get that diagnosis… but that’s another story for another time.

bossman has been ill for a while. we had an event while we were in indiana for a party in early june. we thought he’d had a stroke or was having a heart attack. he drove us to the e.r. (don’t all husbands drive when they think they’re having a stroke or heart attack?), tests were done and 5 hours later the doc let him go with the diagnosis of possible TIA. i’ve called it a TMI many times which is just really dumb. anyway…we went to the doc at home, he had tests run and it was a B-12 deficiency. he’s still not feeling well and had to cancel a trip to colorado where he was supposed to start a short term job. he’s very disappointed and worried about his health. he’s been to urgent care and now we’re waiting for his doc to come home from vacation for an appointment on monday. i hope he doesn’t decide to take an extra week off.

at least the two of them have spaced out their ailments so they’re not at peak levels at the same time. i’m ready for calgon to take me away. far…far…away. 

i’m going to try and get my mind into the writing mode again. i’m just not sure how to do it. i’ve been away from it for so long. a writer’s organization that i belong to has asked everyone to write something for an anthology they’re putting together. the finished piece is due september first. i’m hoping i can get my act together and my brain working again and get’r done.

so, if i post some odd blogs daily, bare with me, as i’m just trying to get those creative juices flowing again. if you see yourself in them, make believe i’m writing about someone else if you don’t like it. ya just gotta do what you’ve gotta do to get those muses yakking again.

here’s hoping bossman will feel better very soon and whatever is wrong with him can be fixed with a simple vitamin or lifestyle change. maybe he’s allergic to retirement… but, that’s why he took the job in colorado. he was ready to get his fingers into the mix again. he was itchy for some action in the factories. needed to get into the machanics of the process and regulations of safety instead of the mowing of the lawns and writing of the bills. who could blame him.