I’m baaack

it’s been a long time since i’ve created a blog on my site. let’s see – July, August, September, October…finally – it took until November for me to remember my Log In information! good gravy! my mind has turned into gravy. i’m guessing it’s the turkey gravy that was the lucky gravy because i’m finally back online. i can hardly remember how to write, it’s been so long. i’m just so doggone happy i’ve remembered that darn password. the whole problem was adding a capital letter. i’d try to log in and after so many tries i’d get frustrated and just give up. i didn’t want to ask my son again – he’d be ready to put me in a home, which might not be a bad idea. hoping to add a catch-up blog once i get my mind into the writing mode again. it will make better sense and i could get lucky and remember how to spell and put a decent sentence together. (i had to try six times to get “together” spelled correctly) so, if you’ve been online and tried to¬†access some stuff from this site, i’m sorry i’ve been out-to-lunch for the past few months. lots has gone on and i’ll try to catch y’all up soon. first…must make a pot of coffee and get my writing sweater on. it’s gotten cold in here since i’ve last visited! see ya soon and thanks for stopping in.