house concert

well, we hosted our very first house concert on saturday night. it was absolutely amazing and wonderful and such a breath of fresh air during the middle of winter. our opening act was Laurie McClain a folk, americana singer/songwriter. her fresh, crisp voice and touching and fun songs were heard by 30 new fans and audience members. Laurie is an amazing storyteller through song. our main act was Stella and Jane with Jeff Foster. amazing vocals, harmonies, banjo, mandolin, guitars… it was overload for the senses for everyone listening. bobbie, jeff and suzette bantered with each other making the audience members feel like we were sitting in their living room. well, they were sitting in my living room which helped give the homey and intimate feel for the whole evening. food and drink were abundant as everyone brought something to share, cd’s were sold, new fans and friends were born.

i hope to post pictures and a video if i can figure out that whole deal. it was a wonderful and special evening for all involved. smiles were seen on everyone’s faces. a good deal all around.

weird radio station

did you know that AOL has a Psychic Radio Station? i tuned in expecting to hear what the psychic had to say about my future. the only thing i heard was some woman who thought she was singing but sounded like she was from another galaxy with a horrible hangover. my psychic abilities tell me that AOL’s psychic radio has no future. unless alcoholic aliens are going to dial in.


i’ve reacquainted myself with my office. it’s been a while since i’ve actually sat at my desk and worked at the desktop computer. i usually sit at the kitchen counter and check my email or look for recipes on my laptop, Snow White. my desktop, which is nameless, was buried under mounds of mail, assorted papers of undertermined importance, boxes, brochures, books and basically, crap. now, it’s all cleaned off, shiney with a new mammouth calendar staring at me. i can actually see the squares of days with dates and penned-in hockey games and air travel plans. how long will the calendar be visible? hmmm… i’m taking bets.