downward dawg

i did another yoga class last night at our church. i’m not sure if i can still go back there after all the nasty things i was thinking during yoga. like, ‘are you bleep-ing kidding me? you want me to do what?’ and other colorful thoughts. kerry, my instructor is sweet and kind and smart and hopefully can’t read minds.

another issue i have with yoga is the little personal music that always wants to play when your innerds are being squished and manipulated about. just trying to keep that silent is a workout.

over and out.

oz at the ren

Bossman and i were helping man the Red Cross booth at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival this past weekend. while there i noticed a similarity between Dorothy’s companions and the colorful ensemble at the Renaissance Festival.  the sun had come out for just a few seconds on saturday and the glint off of this person’s apparel was eye-catching. [singlepic=8,320,240,,right]”Why is that guy dressed like a tin can?” i asked my co-volunteer, Savantha. “That’s armor,” she said. “Well, he looks like the Tin Man to me.” (on closer inspection of this photo, i’m not sure if it’s a Tin Man or a Tin Woman) Then Savantha pointed across the field, “There goes the Scarecrow.” a definite fellow was wearing overalls with one jaunty strap attached. Bossman and I later saw the Cowardly Lion dining with a group of fairies in the woods.


yes, Oz was at the Ren.

i’ve been dunked!

the second dunk is done. the results are nothing earth-shattering that will get me on Oprah, but still good news for me concerning the FitnessWave Challenge i signed up for on February 5th at my chiropractors office.

three months ago David Harris dunked me for a hydrostatic body composition analysis.  David runs the FitnessWave business in Dr. Chad Bergers chiropractic office in Franklin, Tennessee. the two businesses are getting people healthy and aware of the shape their bodies are in, inside and out.

my analysis three months ago woke me up to the fact that i really was fat. yeah, no beating around the breadbasket with that print-out.  i had 94.3 pounds of fat on my 5 foot 3 and a half inch frame. i was 44.5% fat. i think a lot of that fat was in my head. i believe i’m married to jack sprat, too.

with that information in my chubby little liver-spotted hand i went on a calorie counting eating plan and started walking every day for 30 or 45 minutes a day. eventually, i started walking faster and faster until one day i realized both of my feet were off the ground at the same time. holy crap. i was running and i didn’t even realize it. that phenomenon has happened almost every time i go out, now. i walk/run/walk/run/walk. i added some cardio occasionally on rainy days. Comcast has an exercise channel that i explore. i’ve discovered Cardioke which is a dancing/singing/cardio workout all wrapped up into an ugly mess if you’re watching me do it, but it’s fun and i’ve improved my dance moves to The Black-Eyed Peas. i’ve also explored a Yoga class where i praised the WiiFit for giving me a heads up to what ‘real’ Yoga is all about. holy moses. what a workout that is.  that class is monday nights at our church, which is convenient if i die from turning myself into a knot or fall on my downward dogged head.

the key is moving and portion control. i kept a journal of every calorie i ate in the beginning and will start doing that again so i can increase my weight loss again. i’m going to start putting some ‘recovery days’ into my workout week and also start some weight training exercises to increase my lean mass, some of which i lost during the last three months because i didn’t do strength training. i lost 1.4 pounds of muscle. go figure. but, i lost 6.6 pounds of ugly fat, 8.0 pounds total and 1.5% of body fat. not too bad for me in three months. i would have given up if it wasn’t for the support of my chiropractor’s office and family. they were the ones that kept me going.

the event that changed me most was shopping the day of my latest dunk for a dress for an important wedding which is fast approaching. i bought a 16 instead of a 20. it’s a perfect fit. i’m having a smile makeover, too. got the ‘chicklet’ tooth removed today and i now have a smile i can be happy with for now. there’s a lot more work to be done with the smile makeover, but that will go along with the continuing body makeover.

whoopie! i’ve re-energized my life. i’m almost 57 years young now. how fun is that?