oz at the ren

Bossman and i were helping man the Red Cross booth at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival this past weekend. while there i noticed a similarity between Dorothy’s companions and the colorful ensemble at the Renaissance Festival.  the sun had come out for just a few seconds on saturday and the glint off of this person’s apparel was eye-catching. [singlepic=8,320,240,,right]”Why is that guy dressed like a tin can?” i asked my co-volunteer, Savantha. “That’s armor,” she said. “Well, he looks like the Tin Man to me.” (on closer inspection of this photo, i’m not sure if it’s a Tin Man or a Tin Woman) Then Savantha pointed across the field, “There goes the Scarecrow.” a definite fellow was wearing overalls with one jaunty strap attached. Bossman and I later saw the Cowardly Lion dining with a group of fairies in the woods.


yes, Oz was at the Ren.