it’s june

june is full of dates. birthday dates and death dates. it’s not a favorite month and on the other hand it’s a big favorite. my baby sister was born on june 9, 1959. she’ll be 50 this year. my dad was born on the 23rd and my father-in-law on the 20th.  my f-i-l turned 80 last june and was told he probably wouldn’t make it through christmas. he’ll turn 81 in a few weeks. hopefully… my dad said he was going to live to be over 100. told us that forever. he died on june 25th and had just turned 62. i’m 57. it’s hard to believe how young he was when he died.

so, june sucks. depending on the day. i’ll be concentrating on my sissy’s b’day and then will wish my f-i-l a big ol’ happy birthday and toast my dad on what would have been his 83rd.

come on july!