News Flash

the seasons are changing. summer is backing off, finally, and autumn is gently taking it’s rightful place. coming in with autumn are the front door wreaths that are now full of golds, oranges, multi-colored leaves, wheat sheaves and bittersweet. pumpkins sit on porches, black cats are starting to peek their heads around corners and the candy dishes inside the home are being filled with candy corn, big orange candy pumpkins and other Brach’s goodies. America loves autumn.

i was shopping in my local drug store this afternoon and walked down the fun seasonal isle. halloween skeletons hung among many other decorations for the fall holiday while the candy was displayed on the opposite aisle. my eye was drawn to the Brachs Candy Corn. i picked up the bright colored package; the weight of it felt good in my hands as i fingered the kernels of candy corn. i visualized it in my pumpkin candy dish… ah… then i flipped the package over (a new habit to check where items are manufactured) and froze as i read MADE IN MEXICO.

i placed it back on the shelf.