we gave him bread…

ter and i went out into our area and did DA today. that’s official Red Cross jargon for Disaster Assessment. we were sent to an area where homes had a beautiful view of the river. now they have a view of a mess. most of the homes had damage that was limited to their crawl spaces and garages. of course those crawl spaces held their HVAC systems and garages held furniture, computers, bikes, holiday decorations, appliances, cars, storage for personal items… the list was endless. backyard pools contained the Harpeth River. other homes had damage to their first floors with up to four feet of water. imagine the loss.

one family lost four cars, a family room, a large freshly planted garden, fencing, appliances, cabinetry…. he wasn’t upset. an employee of his had sent him a text on sunday morning asking if he had a boat. her son had been washed away the night before on I-24 when the highway flash-flooded. they couldn’t find him in the raging river that took over the busy road. when the rage stopped – so did their search. he was 21 years old and left two small children. no, the man i was talking to wasn’t upset about his four cars that were totaled. he was thrilled that we’d brought him a bag of donated Panera bread products and bottles of water. he thanked us for listening, for bread, for checking on his home and his family. we gave him a second bag of bread and more water plus a second broom to wash the muck and mud out of his garage. we gave him bread. he gave us more.

donate to the Williamson County Red Cross.        http://www.shop.williamsoncountyredcross.org/    click on the Online Donations link at the bottom of the page for Williamson County. thank you

tennessee flood

it’s been a busy day. i was going to stay home to visit with our son chris who is visiting, but got called back into the red cross chapter. worked lots of hours to get food donated for shelters and talked to many professional food peeps who were anxious to help out.

chris goes home tomorrow with a bum knee from working in our flooded crawl space and memories of a flooded franklin. ter and i will be off to fairview, tn and hickman county. we’ll be checking in at shelters to find out what these folks need from our williamson county chapter. the only communication we have with them is from HAM operators and spotty cell service. don’t know what to expect… more on that tomorrow.

pray for all the flood victims. you can’t imagine what this is like and i’ve only seen a miniscule piece. the nashville area is devastated. LP field, Country Music Hall of Fame, the Symphony hall, our hockey arena… it is a disaster.

the downtown area of franklin… the pictures i’ve seen are devastating. this is such a sad, sad day as i’ve realized how many businesses, jobs and lives are going to be affected by this flood. it will take years to recover.

my family and neighbors were blessed as the Harpeth did not climb all the way into our homes. it teased us plenty, though. scared us lots and taught us a lesson on Mother Nature and her wrath. don’t take Mother Nature for granted. prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

please donate to the American Red Cross, Williamson County Chapter, 129 W. Fowlkes St., Franklin, TN 37064; 615-790-5785.

thank you.