My Vacuum Sucks Again!

Back in the old days, before digital cameras, to get all this information down about the belt and model number of my vacuum I would have hunted for a pencil and piece of paper, walked to the vacuum, turned it upside down and copied all the information down. Then I would walk back to my office and type it all into the Hoover site and order the parts.

Well, I’m so high tech and clever I decided to take my camera instead of paper and pencil and take a picture of the label instead. My handwriting isn’t as nice as it used to be and this would be so much easier to read. So, I hunt for my camera which was hidden under a pile of papers on my desk and walk through the house to find the vacuum which is in the living room, in pieces. Flipping it like I’m wrangling a calf I throw it on its front to get a look at the back. “Gosh, that print is really small.” I take a picture. Blurrier than Charlie Sheen’s vision test. I change the setting on the camera and take another. The “you’re shaking worse than JLo’s booty” light came on. Dang. Twenty minutes later I finally got a picture I could read. I trudged back to my office and ordered the parts. A new belt and filter for this suckless wonder.

The parts came in, I put the belt on with some muscle help from Bossman and put the suckless wonder back together. With the exception of one screw, but I don’t think that was meant to go back anyway. Shhhh, that’s our little secret. The wonder of all wonders – it worked! I moved all the dining room chairs and started vacuuming away. Holy dirt bag! I’m lucky the health department didn’t visit my home before the sucking vacuum did it’s job. The picture might be a little hard to tell, but there was a distinct different in the Before and After of this carpet.

If your vacuum doesn’t suck, give it a new belt and filter.