Prayers for Parker Updates

Parker Hayes – March 22, 2012

I am apologizing for slacking off on my blog. I have no excuse except the alien invasion where Pop-Tart shaped space junk food sucked my brain out of my head, but I’m too proud to talk about that.

I will catch you up on Parker’s status starting with the picture Patty sent me on March 22nd, which is above. Don’t you love the origami from the kids even more than the check? I do.

Patty’s comments will be in blue and mine will be in basic black because it makes me look thin.

This is a picture of Parker with his latest cast, a $600 check from a fundraiser dance at Schuylerville School where his Dad teaches and 1000 origami dragons made by kids in his school.
As you can see, Parker’s chemo treatments have rendered him bald. But, bald is beautiful, right? Right!

April 2, 2012:

Hi Everyone – we’re in Ocala, FL today and I just managed to speak to Parker’s Dad.  He said all of Parker’s counts were way down today and he received transfusions of everything imaginable: platelets, red cells and fluids.  They are now anticipating his Chemo will start Thursday instead of today and go through the weekend.  Ron has Good Friday off as well as all of next week so he will be able to spend part of his time with Parker at the hospital as this is an in-hospital Chemo  session.  Thank you for your continued prayers that Parker is able to continue this full year of Chemo.  He is my superhero.  Thank you and Bless You. Happy Easter.

The next note is where I will encourage you all to start praying for Parker again. Please try to remember to keep this young man in your daily prayers and thoughts. I am going to do it through-out the day as well as when my head hits my pillow.

April 5, 2012:

Hi Everyone – Happy Easter. Parker will not be in the hospital over Easter.  He was unable to receive the Chemo he was suppose to start today.  His platelets are still really low.  They will try again on Monday which is still good because Ron has the whole week off from school for Easter vacation.  I don’t understand why hospital personnel don’t see Parker’s routine.  Since October they have tried to give him Chemo within a week of the previous Chemo when they know he gets hit with the effects of the previous Chemo one week to 8 days after the previous Chemo.  He had Chemo all the week before last week and that following Monday.  Please pray that doctors get their act together and continue to help Parker through this relentless therapy and that Parker will regain his strength.

As you can see, Patty is beside herself about her grandson’s care and overall health. She has also been very sick with upper respiratory illnesses like bronchitis and croop during the early part of March.

Prayers for Parker and his family. Thank you very much.