Being A Nanny is Not for Wimps

I’m a Nana who is a Nanny. We are blessed to have two young kids who are our grandkids by choice not by birth. Kate, now 13, chose us to be Nana and Pappy when she was four. She now has a little brother, Cannon, who was one on my birthday in May. I offered to babysit/nanny, three days a week this past April and have loved being around the kids. The five dogs are usually pretty good. Usually.

Earlier this week I took the baby upstairs to go through our routine for nap time. We do a diaper change, put his blanket sleeper on, read a book, rock and then he goes out like a light. Normally, when I go back downstairs, I have the baby monitor on to check if he’s awake, talking in his sleep or getting ready to be scooped up and brought down to play with Nana.

On this day, in the middle of reading our story, the dogs started barking like Bonnie and Clyde were at the door. Kate had gone to a friends and the dogs kept barking, so Baby and I went back downstairs to see what the fuss was about. They stopped. So we went back upstairs and tried again. Baby was now WIDE awake. Dogs barked again and again and… We went back downstairs. They stopped. I took the blanket case off of Baby and gave him a little snack hoping to fill his tummy and get him sleepy. Now he was acting like drunk baby. Walking into dogs, chairs, falling down. Back upstairs we went. I’d forgotten the dang blanket pillow case thing, found a new one in the closet and he refused to put it on. Dogs. Barking. Again.

Downstairs. Again. Dogs stopped barking. I put on Coma Music on the television and just swayed and danced with baby who promptly fell asleep. Lugged him upstairs. Put blanket case on his sleeping little body and got him into crib. Phew… Finally. Went downstairs. Again. Dogs are milling around, no barking. Took old blind dog out to potty. She should be a “He” because it takes her forever to find the perfect spot. Once inside I check the monitor.pulling-hair-out Where the Hell did the baby go????!!!! All I saw in the monitor was the blanket case in a heap in the crib. I ran up those stairs, opened the door and there was baby sound asleep. Back downstairs the monitor’s screen still had no baby. “Thank you, God, for having that baby in the crib upstairs.” My mind had raced thinking crazy thoughts. “Did someone come in the back while I had the dog out in front, steal the baby and walk across all those construction sites, backyards, through traffic…” Of course not! Damn monitor. The screen had froze.

Yesterday, nap time came. Took baby upstairs, went through our routine without the barking dogs this time, he fell asleep and all went according to plan. I went downstairs and played a game with Kate and her friend, watching the monitor. “Look, he’s rolling around.” “He’s awake, nope he’s asleep again.” Then I heard a noise. We turned down the Easy Listening music. I looked at the sleeping baby but heard something entirely different. I ran up the stairs again, the crying getting louder as I approached his room. When I opened his door, poor baby was standing, crying his eyes out. He’s never done that. Damn monitor. I promised to buy him a car when he got older. Hopefully he won’t remember. But, I’ll remember this dang monitor and hopefully will have a new one soon.

Until then, I’ll be hunkered down within earshot without the help of a faulty monitor. I’ll have my Nana ears tuned for crying babies instead.