Keeping Ahead

Catching Up by Leunig,This just about sums up how I’m feeling right now. If I could catch up with my head, I’d be grateful. My head is full of the stuff of my life. Jam-packed with multitasking projects, concern for my friends and family and too many dates and times. The last two include numbers; numbers of which I am allergic to. I hate numbers, but that will have to be another blog.

I’ve committed to chairing two events with my Red Cross Chapter that I want to be successful. Successful isn’t easy. Wrangling people isn’t easy. Multitasking – not too easy for me. Lots of lists, times, dates, numbers and expectations. The weight I’ve put on my head is holding me down instead of lifting me up which is what I need. A helium balloon with a pretty ribbon wrapped around my head would help. Off with the weight – but not off with my head.

My Nana/Nanny position was put to the test yesterday when my fifteen month old Lil’ Doo, was stung by a red wasp as I was trying to keep Blind Dog from going down the steps of the deck. Oh, the weight on my head from that won’t be lifted for another day or fifty. All 6 dogs were on the large deck and Lil’ Doo was splashing in the kiddy/dog pool when I heard him howl. I grabbed him, saw the demon red wasp and ran into the kitchen. New dog followed me in. My brand new smartphone and I hadn’t really made phone calls, so figuring out how to call Doo’s mom took an extra 30 seconds which felt like three hours. While making the call, New Dog, who loves to walk on his very long hind legs, got my lunch from the kitchen table, devoured it and then tried to chew up the plastic container where it had once been secure. The poor sobbing baby boy took the mom prescribed ibuprofen easily and I made an ice pack from a dishcloth and held it on his poor little swelling, red fingers as we read his favorite Truck book. I felt as though I should have had my head in a guillotine because that sweet baby was so hurt. As time went by, the swelling and redness eased up and he didn’t have any other ill effects from that damn wasp. I’ve allowed my head to remain with me.

On Thursday I sat in a local hospital with friends while one of our gang had complicated lung cancer surgery.  I was there six or seven hours while others were there double that. My friend got through it. We all got through it together. We laughed. We almost cried. We talked. Some of us prayed. We remembered and we planned our futures together. My head stayed where it belonged. I believed that he’d be okay because we four friends all had good heads on our shoulders that instinctively brought us together. We kept bolstering each other up with talk, laughter and silent prayers.

Bossman, my mate, left for a 12 day Father & Son trip out to Oregon on that same crazy day of the surgery followed by the day with the dogs, the wasp and the baby. I am grateful he and our son are having this special time together and that I have a new smartphone that keeps me in touch with the adventure. My head has figured out voice texting, picture capturing and keeping the battery charged. I’m not putting down my net, yet, though. My head is here but part of my heart is in Oregon.



Cartoon by Leunig

8 thoughts on “Keeping Ahead

  1. Glad to hear the Baby, the Dog(s), and your friend have survived 🙂 You know what they say about ‘that which does not kill us’ . . .right? I’m not so sure we’d be so enthusiastic about living so darn long IF our parents – teachers and those who have traveled the road we NOW find ourselves traveling – had been totally honest with us!!! I guess there are a few things best left unsaid; thus insuring Grandparents, Caregivers and Wise Ones to help along the youngsters. . . they’ll get theirs soon enough.
    Love ya Suzi – Thanks for sharing.

    1. I agree with you, Suzi2! Thankful we can’t see into the future. Live each day, Laugh each day and Love each day. The ‘kids’ have no idea what kind of a ride they’re in for. Good luck to them and may they remember all the sages that went before them. Thanks for the comment! You’re the first!
      Love and Miss ya! Susie

  2. Sounds like you are doing a good job of dealing with what I used to call the “shredded lettuce syndrome”. Pulled in many directions and pieces and thrown in a “bowl”. May that bowl be filled out with joy, peace, love, and rest to be mixed with the “shredded lettuce”!
    Your blogs are almost always things I can identify with. This was one of those.

  3. Tears welled up and so did goose bumps, as I read your blog. Don’t ever stop writing it down. Powerful good words!

  4. Your life is always filled with such good material for writing. And only you can relate it in such a visual way that keeps me laughing, even though it wasn’t all funny. You are graced with a funny bone that helps you see the humor in trying situations, and still keep your head on. Keep writing, susie.

    1. mary ann, i’ve finally realized and embraced the gift i’ve been given. it’s a unique gift and doesn’t always fit or feel comfortable at times. it’s often-times used during unconventional situations which ends up being a blessing for most of the receivers. we all have gifts – some are just unwrapped later in life. thanks for the nice words. love and miss you.

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