Moonshine Memory

Moon Light 768x1280-816

The computer light has drowned out the moonshine.

I’ve chased it throughout this dark new house, window to window

without  bumping into sharp table corners

or stepping on Clyde the cat.

A soft grin was my companion as I gazed out of skylights

tucked into the cathedral ceiling.

Full moonlight poured into rectangular stepping stones

on the biscuit colored carpet.

I’d used every window on this floor. Ah – the hidden upstairs where the last skylight waits.

Lifting my robe I climb the ruddy wooden staircase and reach the  secret skylight without a fumble.

Easier than in the daylight – it’s there.

Shining down on my computer desk. Soft full moonshine pouring its beauty into my home and

here onto my all too often forgotten means of writing. My computer.

I thank the moonshine. I am grateful for its pouring into my heart, hands and literally

into my words. I don’t need to wonder anymore why I’ve always been in awe of

moonshine’s  effect on me. I believe it has led me to where I belong.

Here.  As I drown out its glow and write about the same.