Last week our pastor challenged us to tap into our senses during Holy Week; the week before Easter.  I have listed the Senses and Suggestions he challenged us to achieve and also how Bossman and I did with that challenge.



Monday – Burn a candle or make a certain food that reminds you of someone. Consider what kind of aroma your life is diffusing.

I’m pretty sure we forgot to do Monday. It wasn’t until after dinner that we remembered we had decided to try and do this week-long list of suggestions.

Monday was a fail, although in retrospect we did discuss what aroma our own bodies were diffusing. Bossman said mine was bad breath and his was b.o..  Still a fail.


Tuesday – Fast a form of media. Take the time to listen.

We remembered Tuesday! Bossman didn’t watch any television. He’s addicted to the news and DVR’s Lester Holt (sorry, Brian Williams) so he won’t miss a night of it. This was a huge challenge for him. Our second challenge that day was that we had a hockey game in the evening. When we get home from hockey we always relax with an adult beverage while catching up with our dvr’d TV shows. We did not do that Monday night. It was weird, but it was good.


Wednesday – Serve someone. Wash their car. Make them breakfast. Over-tip. Cover someone’s meal.

Wednesday! We remembered to do Wednesday! I made dinner for my Writer’s Group who was meeting at my house that evening. I made Shepard’s Pie prepared the healthy way. It’s wonderful to sit and share a meal with friends who have become family.  Bossman mowed our neighbors yard. It was a good day that made both of us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Thursday – Sight. Fast a form of technology (smart phone). Be present.

I was doing some deep cleaning in the house all day. In silence. I usually have the radio blaring as a distraction while I’m moving furniture, rearranging books and pictures, polishing all nooks and crannies on fancy frames with a toothbrush. It helps to make the chores go faster. I did it in silence and discovered I was actually more focused the longer I worked in silence. I got a lot done. No music was weird, but good.


Friday – Taste. Fast food for the day or limit to bread and water

Today is Friday. We wanted to fast completely but knew it would not be beneficial for us in the long run. We didn’t want our daughter, the Queen of English, to find us laying on the floor passed out, so we decided to eat only breakfast. I had two eggs with a small slice of banana bread and Bossman had the same. We knew the protein would keep us going the rest of the day.  I had water during the day and a few nuts to get me over some rough patches in the late afternoon. It’s been insightful for me to realize how much I eat during the day, and made me think about the people in our world who go hungry every single day. I’ve been humbled. I hope I remember this.


Jesus was on my mind all week, but especially today; Good Friday. I’m a very sensitive person when it comes to people being injured or ill. I can’t watch t.v. doctor shows or films with violence. Thinking of what Christ went through on the cross gives me chills and a sick feeling in my gut. The nightly news gives me a similar feeling.


Blessings to all during this Easter Season and prayers for peace in our world and to God be the Glory. He has His hands full with all the mess we have created.