When’s the last time you experienced a true a-ha moment? Not, oh, that’s where those stupid keys have been, or this blouse has been hanging in my closet for ten years and I still can’t wear it. Guess it’s time for a trip to Goodwill. Those are recognizing that you don’t put your keys on the key hook and the twenty-pounds-ago blouse needs a new home.

I’m going to call my latest moment a God a-ha!

For over a year our church has been looking for a new home. Our lease was up in April of 2015 and our landlords have been generous in extending it month by month. Our needs in a space were simple: parking for 150 cars, space for children’s ministry and space for worship. Then our needs grew when a wonderful possibility came up. We could have a worship space, children’s ministry, parking galore and include a community center with tutoring for local kids and maybe some art space for the Creative Ministry. Possibilities ended up being disappointments. What is God waiting for?

This morning I looked at my mirror and had the a-ha God moment. At least three months ago as I was walking out of my closet I was jolted by both a thought and image of these words: Let’s see what you can do–God. I immediately turned and wrote it down on my vanity mirror with a blue Dry Erase marker.


I was excited. What did it mean? Me, personally? Okay, then. I can do stuff. What stuff do you want me to do? Huh? I stared at the blue words laying over my reflection and thought, “What does He mean? How do I interpret this?”

Yesterday at Journey Church, I realized those words were meant for our church as a whole. Our pastor shared the new and improved vision for our church and how we could meet the needs of our community and others. It’s huge. Bigger than anyone ever dreamed of doing. It’s not about building a cathedral; we’re in an old factory and love it. But it could possibly be building for others.

Let’s see what you can do’ just might have been God giving us a green light to dream big or go homeless. I guess we’ll just have to work and see what happens.