Thurman Munson Woke Me Up

I’m at my computer at six o’clock on a Saturday morning because former New York Yankee’s catcher, Thurman Munson woke me up. It’s 2015 and Thurman Munson died in 1975-ish. I’ll have to look that up when I’m fully awake.[edit: August 2, 1979]

This was all in a dream. I have no clue why Thurman Munson was in my dream because I haven’t watched a baseball game on television since I left Detroit in 1994.

Thurman, in his words, has some tips for young men and women:

Go to baseball games. If you can’t afford a ticket, don’t worry about it. Go anyway and bring my picture with you. Tell the ushers that you’re a fan and will stand through the whole game. When they see that you just love the game they’ll sneak you in. Then go to another usher and show’m my picture and ask if they have any empty seats in their section. You don’t care where you sit, you just wanna watch the game. In person. There’s nothing like hearing the crack of the bat from a hitter who loves the game like you do. Go high if you have to. Be discrete and use your manners. Don’t forget to take me with you.

Why Thurman Munson visited my rare-as-hens-teeth dream is beyond me. In 1979 my son was in the hospital having surgery when Thurman, a favorite player on the Yankees, died on August 2nd, in a plane crash. Our son would be going into first grade a month later. We were devastated when we watched the news from Chris’ hospital room. We wept.

My best guess is that I had this dream because I wore my nightgown inside out two nights in a row. If I notice I put my nightgown on inside out, I immediately whip it off and put it on the correct way. Last night I was consciously trying not to be so OCD about that. Who cares if you wear your bedclothes inside out? Right? Well, dead baseball players obviously have some kind of issue with it.


Thurman, I loved you then and I love you now. Thanks for giving me this interesting information. I’m going to go back to bed, but first I’m going to take this nightgown off and put it on right-side out. I don’t even watch baseball anymore. I’d appreciate it if you let me go back to sleep.

After sleeping a little more, I’ve edited this sleepy piece and will now post it to the world for Thurmon. I don’t know why, but the dream was so odd, I can’t not post it. Happy dreams everyone.