Every Evening Wonders

A few hours ago, I walked out my backdoor into the day’s twilight and my focus instantly shot up into the dusky sky and stuck on the glittering  red planet directly in front of me.  I was filled with awe at Mars and its backdrop of a fading blue sky, with cotton-candy-spun dirty white clouds. My eyes shifted to the right where a brilliant white star  or possibly, Saturn, stole my attention. Shifting back and forth between the only two lights in the sky, I was filled with innocent wonder as the fireflies, far beneath them, flitted through the trees, mimicking the two brilliant lights and begging for my attention.

How clever for our Creator to mimic His stars, planets and tiny little flying bugs. From the astounding mammoth creation of the Universe to the tiny, short termed lifespan of our fireflies.

I am awed and child-like.


Photo by Matt Poll, upstate New York, May 29, 2016

6 thoughts on “Every Evening Wonders

  1. Happens to me all the time when I gaze out back. We are so lucky, to have this backdrop, and to appreciate it so much.

  2. Susie, Really enjoyed this blog. Being a Christ follower it really touch my heart. Wishing Terry and you a wonderful July 4th weekend.
    Your friend always,

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Joe. I’m so glad you enjoy the simple posts as much as the crazy ones. Touching someone’s heart or making them laugh is God’s gift to me. I’m finally realizing it, late in life. But, better late than never. Enjoy your holiday weekend. Be Safe. Your friend Susie

  3. Awesome! Thank you, Susie, for your reflections on nighttime
    wonders. Wonders that far overshadow the amateur attempts to
    send up fireworks today and tomorrow. Compare with the recurring
    sunset fireworks too.
    Wishing you a happy 4th.

    1. Hi MaryAnn! And you can get these wonders for free every night all year long. Forever and ever as He sees fit. 🙂 Happy 4th to you, as well. Love ~

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