About Susie


I am a writer of a bit of fiction and a lot of creative nonfiction.  Most of my stuff is fun to read and is inspired by the daily walk through life that we all take. Some of my stuff is very serious-because life can be that way sometimes. Humor plays an important role in my daily life and I hope you’ll enjoy reading bits of it on this website.

I’m a published author in two anthologies; Muscadine Lines-A Southern Anthology originally published by Cold Tree Press and Gathering – Writers of Williamson County.  I have also been a humor columnist for the Grassland Gazette near Nashville.

I’m currently writing a novel and have added lyricist to my list of accomplishments. The song has been submitted to the Academy for a nomination in ‘original song for a movie’ category for Believe, the motion picture, which premiered globally in December of 2016. We’re very excited about being one of three Believe songs chosen.

You can contact me at MiSuzi@aol.com

Thanks for looking in on me. Hope you like what you see.


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