Snow Spirits

Second Autumn Tree

Deep sighs from the spirits of the trees are masked within the autumn commotion.

Their tired solar panels, homes for critters and pleasing primary pennants,


to the ground,


and worn out.

Spirit’s Winter Sabbath commences.

Beaches lounge waiting for the weary wanderers

to soak up the rays of the Always Summer Sun

until their Boss calls them back for their seasonal jobs.

Cabin Fever 2015

The winter of 2015 has become a cabin fever nightmare.

The Northeast has been hit time and again with blizzards that would freeze your gizzards.

A gazillion feet of snow in Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, little Rhode Island (now a big snowball), Vermont and New Hampshire (secretly one good-sized state cut on a diagonal) and New York, including the frozen Big Apple and the rest of the state which is an massive orchard in size-comparison.

Slip on down the coastline and everybody has gotten a taste of winter right into the Carolinas and into the mid-south states of Kentucky and Tennessee.

Here in mid-Tennessee all schools, and trash pick-up are closed for the rest of the week. Malls, restaurants, offices, fast-food, slow-food, doctors and lawyers have closed offices. Our area has been crippled. Except for the NHL game in Nashville! Hockey fans rock it!!! Go Preds!!!!

So, my prediction from all this snow, ice and mayhem?

stork multi